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What are the Features of Fiducial's Business Counseling Services?

Fiducial's System For Success includes performing certain core counseling sessions for all clients throughout the year at appointed times. Our goal is to increase our client's income and equity in their business and personal areas systematically over a period of time. These include:

Mid-Year Review — A strategic status check on your business at its annual midpoint to make sure your business is on track with your goals. Are you on target for the remainder of the year? Will you reach that financial milestone that you had set earlier? This review covers you on these points and more.

Cash Flow Counseling Session — Cash is king in every business, no matter what the size. Does your business have an emergency fund? Will you have the cash to meet your debt obligations? Where exactly is your cash going? This session helps you discover how to follow the money trail so that it leads to profit.

Year-End Tax Planning Review — Part of our "no surprises come April guarantee," we sit down with you throughout the year but especially near the year's end and project your tax liability for you and your business. Are there any actions you can take to reduce taxes or improve your tax situation? Can we help lay down guidelines now for long-term tax planning down the road? Unlike other tax preparation firms, we have your tax situation covered all-year round, not just at tax time.

We perform many other counseling sessions at our client's request. For new businesses especially, we assist in business entity decisions, business plans and business evaluations.

What are the Benefits of Using Fiducial's Business Counseling Services?

  • You have the benefit of our over 30 years of experience at your disposal at anytime.
  • You save money and time by not making improper decisions.

With our specific counseling services, for example:

  • We help you keep up with changes in tax laws and regulatory issues for compliance issues.
  • You meet the needs of investors and creditors with a realistic and comprehensive business plan.
  • You leverage your equity in your company for maximum profitability and return on your investment with an accurate business valuation.
  • You keep more of your money for profit and reinvestment with year-round tax saving strategies.
  • You increase your profitability and have time to take corrective action in your business with financial statement analysis