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What are the Features of Fiducial's Tax Preparation Services?
Our expert help includes our:

In-Depth Interview — A thorough and complete experience designed to unearth every tax savings opportunity during the course of your tax preparation. The difference is in our proprietary worksheets—over 100 in all—with specific ones for just about every occupational or personal tax-related situation imaginable.

On-Call National Experts — So that your local professional can spend more time advising you and attending to your situation than delving into the quagmire of tax code changes and tax laws, Fiducial employs a team of national tax hot-line research specialists. The answer to any complex tax question or issue that arises during your tax preparation is only a quick phone-call away. Our knowledgeable hotline professionals include attorneys and CPAs who are equipped with a library of tax research materials and are available every business day—and every day during January through April 15—to help our nationwide professionals help you.

Year-Round Availability — Taxes have become so complicated and so far-reaching that having a professional available at all times is a necessity in today's financially-complex world. Life changes can occur at any time, and with our year-round availability we can ensure that the proper tax strategies are implemented sooner rather than later to save you money.

Free Prior Years' Tax Returns Refund Review — Our caring and concerned manner extends to doing whatever we can to save you money, and that includes reviewing your past three years' tax returns—regardless of preparer—for additional refund opportunities. If we can't save you at least our standard fee, there's no charge for the review!

EfileStatus as an Authorized IRS E-File Provider — As trusted tax professionals, we've been accepted into the IRS electronic filing program, so we can offer you the highest quality tax filing experience possible. Any return we file electronically on your behalf will be remitted to the IRS and/or state authority on a secure system with an electronic acknowledgement of return receipt. It's a speedier and more accurate way to file your return, allows for electronic payment options—and puts any refund into your pocket in the shortest possible time.

What are the Benefits of Using Fiducial's Tax Services?

With our tax preparation services:

  • You don’t have to keep up with changes in tax laws.
  • Save money and lower your tax liability - we know
    every deduction, every credit and every tax saving
    opportunity available.
  • You save time -our professionals have prepared
    thousands of returns and are experts; you can spend
    your time enjoying your family and friend