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Acquisition Program

About Our Program

You’ve probably spent many years building your practice and now have a valuable client base and business presence in your community. The value of all that hard work and time you’ve invested can now be recognized when you sell your practice to us.

We’re specifically looking for businesses that provide the following to small businesses and individuals:

• accounting and financial reporting services, bookkeeping and write-up
• tax preparation and advisory services
• payroll preparation and reporting services
• business counseling services, consulting and advisory services
• financial services, wealth planning and financial planning. Depending on your level of revenues, you may sell us just the book of business or the book of business plus the business’ assets.
You’re interested in a fair deal, and so are we. You’ll find that we’ve created win-win situations due to our experience in the industry, dedication and deep understanding of the motives behind a sell decision.

What’s Behind Every Successful Acquisition?

Here’s what you can expect:

• An equitable deal between us
• Continued delivery of unsurpassed levels of service to your clients
• New resources that become immediately available to your office
• A long-term dedication to your market that we’ve entered

A New Strategic Career Move

Because Fiducial is rapidly expanding, we can offer you jobs and career opportunities unlike most other companies. We hire based on your individual skills and attitude, and it’s not unusual for a position to be created based on your unique talents. You’ll find that we are an innovative and forward thinking organization, and you will enjoy helping us get to where we want to be.

The Next Steps  

After you’ve reviewed our information, give us a call toll free at
1 (800) 323-9000
We will:

  1. Establish what kind of transaction you are considering

  2. Work together to evaluate your business fairly and

  3. Finalize a deal that helps you achieve your goals.