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Why Sell Your Firm to Us?

It’s no secret that accountants struggle with work/life balance—it’s a top concern for 90% of us. And it always seems as though the last tax season was worse than the year before. Worries about utilization rates, profit margins, not finding the right staff –the list goes on and on—abound in most public accounting firms.

We can help.

When the realities of owning your own business become exhausting, it’s time to look at other alternatives. Fiducial is a strong partner that can help you handle the workload and help you attain your desired level of personal and professional success.

Here’s what we can provide to your business:

Our Technical Administrative Support Center (TASC), located in Columbia, Maryland (between Baltimore and Washington DC), is key to our success. We will provide your practice with the necessary back office support so that you can devote more time to servicing your clients.

Most of all, you’ll learn how to go from an ordinary practice to an extraordinary business.

Continuing with Fiducial as a Manager

With many of the marketing, sales and administrative burdens taken off your shoulders, you are free to service your clients and focus on the work you love to do.

As a member of Fiducial’s management team you will attend management training programs several times a year at our Technical and Administrative Support Center (TASC).

Health and Employee Benefits

We are dedicated to providing healthcare options that are affordable and allow employees to make informed decisions for their healthcare needs.

Training and Development

Fiducial believes in ongoing personal and professional development. We encourage employees to continue to grow professionally. We offer many opportunities for continued growth and learning throughout the organization.

Fiducial provides training in-house and offers access to outside seminars, education modules, and tools for maintaining your professional licenses and obtaining the needed continuing professional education credits.

At Fiducial, there are many opportunities for a challenging and rewarding career, and tools for continued success as you GROW WITH US!

Isn’t it worth a free phone call to learn more about your options with Fiducial? Give us a call toll free at 1 (800) 323-9000 or email us at